Google AdSense Acceptance Criteria 2024

شروط القبول في جوجل أدسنس 2022
شروط القبول في جوجل أدسنس 2022
  • Post last modified:3 February، 2024

In this technical article, we will discuss Google AdSense and how to earn money from it. We will also discuss the most important acceptance criteria for Google AdSense that must be met on the site or blog in order to be accepted into Google AdSense. We will also discuss the steps you need to follow to ensure your acceptance into Google AdSense. You will also learn about the reasons why your request may be rejected by Google AdSense. We will also discuss many other topics that will meet your needs


What is Google AdSense and how do you earn from it?

Before talking about the terms of acceptance in Google AdSense, we will explain to you what Google AdSense is and how you earn from it.

Dear reader, you are now reading an article on a website or, rather, a blog. These websites and blogs earn money in return for placing ads on them. Google AdSense here represents an advertising company or an advertising program affiliated with Google.

This advertising company deals with many commercial companies that pay specific amounts for placing ads on the various websites and blogs on the internet.

For example, a shoe company wants to advertise its product on specific websites within a geographical area and a specific audience according to a specific amount as well.

If your site meets these criteria, the ad will be placed on your site and you will earn money through clicks and views of the ads.

However, before all this, you must know that it is never possible to start placing ads before submitting a review request to Google AdSense. This review will either be rejected or accepted in Google AdSense and start earning.

If the request is rejected, don’t worry, you can review the Google AdSense acceptance terms attached below and resend another request.


Google AdSense Eligibility Requirements

  • Original content.
  • Four essential pages.
  • Fast site with responsive design.
  • Well-organized, error-free articles.
  • Paid domain.
  • Adequate number of visitors and articles.
  • Avoid fake traffic.
  • Don’t apply to Google AdSense if you have ads from other companies on your site.
  • Email address.
  • No blank pages.
  • Age 18 or older.
  • Navigation flexibility.
  • Conversion page.
  • Content that complies with Google AdSense policies.


Now we will explain to you the conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense 2024 that we mentioned above in more detail.

  • One of the conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense is to provide exclusive content: Unfortunately, many of us are looking for quick ways to make money from blogging without realizing the importance of exclusive content. They simply copy content from other websites and start publishing articles. They can publish more than 20 copied articles a day without writing a single exclusive article, thinking that they will be accepted immediately in Google AdSense and earn a lot of money. But unfortunately, they will not be accepted. Google is very strict in terms of the exclusivity of the article, and it will welcome with great hospitality any blogger who writes an exclusive article for him with a minimum of 400 words. While copied and duplicated articles will not benefit you in any way, but on the contrary, they will reduce your acceptance rate. Therefore, create exclusive content even if it is 500 words better than 10 copied articles, each of which exceeds 1500 words. And let’s not forget that your site should not contain any images with copyright, you can create exclusive images through the Canva website. Because exclusive images and articles are among the most important and prominent conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense, so I put it number 1 in the article.


  • Four very important pages that must be present on your site in order to be accepted in Google AdSense:Many people do not realize the importance of these pages. They may seem unimportant to some, but for Google, these pages are a very important requirement for accepting a blog or website in Google AdSense. The pages are (Privacy Policy – Terms of Use – Contact Us – About Us). These pages are very important for getting accepted into Google AdSense and gaining the trust of search engines. You can create them immediately using several templates available online. Just make any necessary edits and add them to your site.


  • A fast website and a responsive template on all screens improve your chances of being accepted into Google AdSense. This is a very important requirement that some people overlook. Your website’s loading speed should be acceptable, with no page loading time exceeding three seconds. In addition, your website should be responsive on all screens (laptops, mobile devices, tablets, etc.). If your website’s loading speed is slow, you should increase it as much as possible. Speed attracts visitors and encourages them to stay on the website and browse more articles. This requirement is one of the most important acceptance criteria for Google AdSense, and it is very important for both bloggers and readers.


  • Long, well-organized, and error-free articles are one of the most important requirements for Google AdSense approval. This requirement accounts for approximately 80% of the content on your site.A well-written, informative article that contains a decent number of words and information that visitors want is considered one of the most important requirements for Google AdSense approval. This means that your site must contain articles that are free of grammatical errors, have a suitable number of words (more than 500 words), and are all professionally organized and arranged in a way that attracts visitors.

    Here are some tips for writing long, well-organized, and error-free articles that meet Google AdSense requirements:

    1- Do your research. Make sure you have a good understanding of the topic you are writing about. This will help you write a more informative and engaging article.
    2-Plan your article. Before you start writing, take some time to plan your article. This will help you stay on track and make sure your article is well-organized.
    3-Write clearly and concisely. Use simple language that is easy for your readers to understand.
    4-Proofread your work carefully. Before you publish your article, take some time to proofread it for grammatical errors and typos.
    By following these tips, you can write long, well-organized, and error-free articles that will help you get approved for Google AdSense.


  • It is not necessary that your site have a paid domain. You can send a request even if the domain is free, such as, but it is better to buy a domain (such as com, net, org, etc.) This will increase your chances of being accepted to AdSense because it gives a direct impression that you are paying to support your content, i.e., you are committed to your content.


  • Having a sufficient number of visitors and articles will speed up the process of your acceptance in Google AdSense: When your blog contains more than 25 exclusive articles, and the number of visitors to the site is 12,000 or more, you can submit a request to Google AdSense, provided that the visits are 100% genuine.


  • Avoid fake visits that will only get you rejected from Google AdSense: Unfortunately, some people use special websites to bring visitors to their blogs. Some of them even pay huge sums of money for the number of visits. However, despite the large number of visits, they are not accepted into Google AdSense. This is because it violates the terms of acceptance for Google AdSense. Simply put, it is because they do not bring visitors in a systematic way and Google is aware of how to distinguish between fake and real visits. Dear brother, stay away from any website or person who tries to convince you to bring in visits. You can rely on social media websites to bring in visitors, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. You can also rely on backlinks from well-known websites with high authority, credibility, and high trust for search engines.


  • Do not apply for Google AdSense if you have ads for other companies on your site:One of the most important tips I can give you, dear reader, is that when applying for Google AdSense, you must delete any ads that are present on your site (if any). This is a necessary requirement for 70% of the conditions for accepting a website or blog in Google AdSense.


  • You need to make sure that the email address you used to apply to Google AdSense is a Gmail address, and that it is the same address that is listed on the “Contact Us” page, which we discussed earlier and its importance.


  • The absence of empty pages is one of the most important requirements for Google AdSense approval. The presence of empty pages on your site can negatively impact your chances of being approved for Google AdSense. Therefore, always make sure that your site pages are filled with articles, and delete any empty pages.


  • You will not be accepted to Google AdSense if you are under 18 years old:Make sure you are over 18 years old to be accepted to Google AdSense. If you are younger than this age, there is no problem. One of your parents can apply on your behalf.


  • Navigation flexibility: You must ensure that visitors have the best possible navigation experience between the pages and sections of your site. This means that you should have main menus and submenus, and that these menus should be available in a variety of places on the site (i.e., in the header, before or within the footer).


  • Page redirection (conversion): Page redirection (conversion) that most bloggers use to increase their profits from pages that you should avoid, and not put it and use it ever, even if you were accepted in Google AdSense, your account will be closed.


  • Do not provide content that violates Google AdSense policies: You must provide relevant, non-misleading content in order for your blog or website to be accepted into Google AdSense. Examples of prohibited content include:- Pornography/adult content
    -Pirated content
    -Unauthorized copying of lessons and ideas from the internet
    -Illegal drugs/tools
    -Any other illegal activities



Here are the most important and prominent conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense 2024. Of course, these conditions are in your favor and in favor of your blog. The conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense are a free and strict way to guide you towards owning a targeted blog, with exclusive articles that top search results.





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